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A Levels


A Levels

A Levels

Known as Advanced Level Qualifications, this is a UK-based subject qualification for students aged 16 and above. A-Levels are usually offered as a two-year programme, however, some schools offer one-year and 18month fast track programmes.  The conclusion of this program leads to qualifications recognized for entry into higher educational institutions in the UK as well as other institutions worldwide.

Schools that offer A-Levels are not restricted to the UK even though it is a UK qualification. All Universities and Higher Education Institutions globally recognise A-Levels as a suitable entry qualification.

Students are free to choose three to four subjects that interest them the most and are in line with their future or career aspirations as certain degree programs will require some compulsory A-Level subjects. Choices can be made from an exhaustive list of subjects such as English, English Literature, Mathematics, Further mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Government and Politics, French, German, Photography, Geography, Psychology, Economics, Arts, Information Technology and Modern Foreign Language etc.

Students are often advised to confirm in advance the subjects that their preferred institution offers as this differs from school to school.

In terms of school selection for A-Levels there is a whole range of sixth-form options available from Traditional Boarding Schools, International Boarding Schools, Independent Colleges and Government Schools.

A-Levels tuition fees range from £17,000 to £30,000.

Benefits of A-Levels

A-Level qualifications are the most accepted standard for University entry.
Solid introduction to study habits.
A-Levels are the BEST route to top universities.
A-Levels are widely recognized internationally.
A Levels allows you to focus on the course you want to specialize in at the university.
Gives students an inexhaustible opportunity to improve English Language skills
A-Levels could give a student employment advantage as they are widely recognized by employers in the world.
A-Levels is arguably one of the best routes to transition into the university.
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