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Our Services

Our Services

Studying Abroad opens doors to new and exciting experiences and opportunities.

However, some steps like choosing the right school with your academic preference, preferred culture, tuition/ school fees, religion, location, setting (Rural, Suburb and Town), age range in terms of boarding schools, preferred extracurricular activities, scholarships, acceptance rate and ranking can be a little overwhelming, daunting and confusing.

Our team of counsellors at 365 Global Consulting are inclined to ensure that your settlement into the school college or university of your choice is effortless, and void of unnecessary bottlenecks.

We provide detailed information to guide you on your school/ university selection journey while ensuring that your admission preference and budget are 100% considered and accommodated.

We are also aware of the culture shock that students go through while settling into their various institutions abroad; hence, we have a team of experts who provide thorough orientation and motivation to psychologically prepare students and help them settle without any emotional or psychological strain.

We Provide

Consultation and Counselling.
School Selection – considering, entry requirements, career choice, location, ranking, acceptance rate, employment opportunities, structure, culture, cost/ tuition, scholarship, and school setting.
Application Processing and Submission.
Essay/ Personal Statement Assistance, Drafting, Reviews and Conclusion.
Admission and Visa Interview Preparation.
Accommodation support for Students.
Tutoring and Test Planning- Assisted service in terms of online practice for IELTS, IGCSE, SAT and SSAT, GRE and GMAT, MCAT, BMAT and UCAT. Test Booking and Success Strategy.
Visa Application, Documentation and Medical Test booking.
Pre-departure Briefing.
Financial aid and Scholarship- identifying appropriate scholarships and requirements and guiding students through the scholarship application process.
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