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Study in Canada


Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada is synonymous with “warm and friendly”.  This study destination has an impressive reputation of wide-open spaces, multicultural diversity( can study in English of French), clean environment, abundant wildlife and incredible quality of life.

Obtaining a degree from a Canadian University acts as a mark of trust and excellence. This is mostly because Canada is known for high quality education.

Canada ranks #1 when it comes to quality of life and as such, it is a most preferred study destination for both Canadians and international students.

Studying in Canada could lead to a career and a future in Canada. This has been the trend and most preferred goal for international students.

In terms of cost, Canada is known to have some of the lowest university tuition fees among English speaking countries.

Education Levels in Canada (Outside Quebec) include:

Early Education ( 3- 6 years)
Elementary Education ( 6-12 years)
Junior High or Middle School ( 12-15 years)
High School (15-18 except Ontario which is 18)
Tertiary Education ( College, University and Graduate School).

Education Level inside Quebec:

Preschool ( under 5 years).
Kindergarten (5-6 years)
Grade School ( 6-12 years)
High School (12-17 years).
College: This is divided into pre-university program ( 2 years) and professional program (3 years).
Pre-university program, two years ( typical Social Sciences, Natural Sciences or Arts).
Professional program, three years ( Courses like, Paralegal, Dental Hygienist, Nursing etc).
University both Undergraduate and Postgraduate.
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