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Study in the US


Study in the US

Study in the US

The US is ranked as the country with the highest number of international students. The International student population in the US is about 1,095,299 according to

The US prestigious institutions dominate global university rankings and attract students who have an appetite for academic excellence across the world.

This study destination is known to be a perfect mixture of culture, religion, races and ethnicities.

Degrees in American are expensive but there is an abundance of scholarships for International students.

More than 600 American Universities offer scholarships worth $20,000 or more to international students based on academic merit, financial need and extracurricular contribution. Although you may need to take SAT or ACT tests.

Types of Scholarships:

University scholarship.
Merit scholarship.
Country based scholarship.
Financial scholarship.
Government based scholarship.
Privately funded scholarships.
Part scholarships.
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